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We know that rising costs make it difficult for many of us to purchase authentic wooden materials to add to our homes.


At A Touch Of Class in Taunton, we know the aesthetic value of a good wood effect floor. Get our experts to advise you on wood grain finishes today!

Wood graining is traditionally a faux finishing technique. It is a way to make anything that is not wood look like wood. The system we use is an old one that was once used by many manufacturers from the 1920s. Our expert painter can create a wood effect for any surface.

At A Touch Of Class, our specialist can work on wood or other materials with a range of wood graining techniques. Allow us to add a touch of simplistic beauty to your home with wood graining.

Beautiful wood work in your home

Adding warmth and beauty

Affordably priced wood graining

Our painting specialists can create wood grain finishes for you on almost any surface at your home. We can wood grain anything that can be painted, from making a steel security door have the look of mahogany, to making MDF look like antique oak.

Wood grain any surface in your home

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