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Venetian plastering

Venetian plastering had its roots in the Roman Empire and was favoured by artists from the Renaissance. Venetian plaster is a smooth material ideal for virtually any style of building.


It may be considered superior to faux finishing and wallpaper. Feel the difference this makes to your home - contact A Touch Of Class today.

Are you looking to decorate your home with something beautiful? Venetian plastering may be perfect for your home.

Let us help give your beautiful home a refined look with stunning art works for your walls using Venetian plaster. Call our Venetian plastering experts to add that sophisticated look to your home.

Build a thing of beauty in your home

Beautiful decor is just a call away

History of Venetian plastering

Venetian plaster is a distinct material used in the making of both smooth and coarse surfaces.


Our Venetian plastering experts can use this to give your walls both depth and integrated colour and texture, depending on what you choose to have. Customising our services to your needs is what we at A Touch Of Class aim to do.

A new masterpiece at your home

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